Building Good Foundations for Higher Speed Delivery of High-speed Mobile

5g networkLight Reading has today launched a new portal specifically for 5G which promises to report on and analyse the evolution of this much-vaunted technology. In the first issue, Gabriel Brown, Senior Analyst at Heavy Reading has written:

 “I think there are three important ways the industry can use technology to make efficient use of the vast intellectual and financial capital it will commit to 5G development. These are:

  • Lean design: Precisely because future requirements are uncertain, the more 5G can be developed to be extensible in the future, the better. The industry has improved in this regard — LTE was less encumbered by over-specification than 3G was, for example — and it is very encouraging to see proposals for the new 5G radio interface(s) take this into account.
  • Multiple 5G implementations: What you build for factory-floor automation will be different to what you deploy for fixed wireless residential access, or high-speed mobility. The key will be able to support many 5G implementations on a common technology base to capture economies of scale. This does, in some ways, break the “one network to rule them all” principle beloved of mobile operators, but it is a price the industry will have to pay.
  • Constant iteration: The wireless industry may sometimes appear slow and cumbersome, even though in practice the rate of progress within each major generation of technology is phenomenal. 5G needs to accelerate this and adopt processes and technologies that enable even faster development cycles. A software-driven model — including one based in the radio access network (RAN) — is important to this and could even signal the point at which the familiar ten-year industry cycle starts to fragment.

This is not an argument to neglect mobile broadband services. This remains the core of the operator business and 5G technology has great potential to enhance the customer experience and to improve network economics. But it is a call not to only rely on a business that is subject to intense competition and pricing challenges when some truly great opportunities for growth in adjacent industries exist.”

At Flint, we have been in at the birth of multiple new generations of mobile data technology and completely agree that the need for mobile broadband is not going to vanish overnight. Decades of experience have taught us that, irrespective of what technology you are using or what you want your mobile data network to do  – from browsing the web to piloting a driverless car – you need to have put in effective groundwork. For every network project we work on, we make sure that network connections have been effectively and thoroughly scoped out and planned; that the design of the network elements themselves is sound and that implementation is undertaken in a managed way, with effective project management from people who are focused on desired outcomes rather than just processes.

Flint is a member of the 5G Innovation Centre (5GIC) at the University of Surrey – now the largest UK academic research centre dedicated to the development of the next generation of mobile and wireless communications, so we know first-hand what a great time it is to be in the mobile industry. However, we need to be sure that we don’t all become dazzled by the power of 5G and forget about the basics. 

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