Data Consumption Triples in Wembley in Just Two Years

EE has recently published details of mobile data at Wembley during the 2016 FA Cup that shows that consumption at the stadium has tripled in two years – a meteoric rise that has only been possible because EE had the foresight to invest in its 4G+ mobile data equipment in time to capitalise on the huge growth in demand.

Flint was responsible for swapping out over 30 3G radio antennas to install 4G+ LTE antennas inside the stadium so that visitors and staff alike could access mobile data links at 150Mbps or more, with the potential to support up to 400Mbps.

According to a recent article in, mobile data usage saw a step-change during the 2014 FA Cup: during the semi-finals fans were mainly using 3G links to download information during the game. But by the time the final was played just a few weeks later, LTE accounted for the majority of mobile data use, with fans using high-speed uplinks to share images and video of the match they were watching.

The article says that 2014-15 was a phase of exponential growth in EE 4G adoption and by the 2015 semi-finals mobile data use had nearly tripled, driven almost entirely by 4G users. Before the final, EE introduced its first 2600 MHz carrier to supplement the 1800 MHz band, which immediately accounted for almost half of the 4G traffic.

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