Is UC the Answer for Improved Productivity?

In April, some of our team went along to UC Expo in London to find out about the latest trends in Unified Communications, as our blend of mobile expertise and converged comms experience makes us ideally placed to deliver UC solutions for enterprises. According to research by IDC, 93% of businesses in Western Europe plan to invest in Unified Communications within the next three years – a statistic that can be firmly attributed to the fact that it promises increased productivity.

A recent article on UC in TechTarget says “It’s critical that employees are able to fire up their unified communications (UC) suite and be productive when they find a Wi-Fi signal. IT needs to make those kinds of mobile unified communications tools easily available to users on smartphones and tablets.”

But it will be interesting to see how this is delivered. Vonage’s announcement that it will be buying cloud specialist Nexmo earlier this month suggests that there will be some interesting competition between network-based UC and solutions in the cloud.

Of course, users aren’t interested in what makes stuff work: they just want to be able to bring their own smartphones and tablets into the office or use them out in the field to send images, information and voice within and outside their workplaces.

Here at Flint, we deliver managed teams with the knowledge and skills to deliver IP networks and fixed-mobile convergence to make seamless unified communications across technologies and devices a reality. Get in touch to find out how we can help deliver your UC solutions.