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Protecting Your Security Online

Protecting sensitive information and systems from cyber crime is vital to business continuity. You don’t have to look far to find stories about the consequences of inadequate protection against cyber crime – yet the majority of online security breaches are in fact never reported.

According to the 2015 Information Security Breaches Survey commissioned by the UK Government, 90% of large corporations and 74% of small businesses reported a cyber breach in 2015, a rise of 81% and 60% respectively for each segment. The average cost of severe online security breaches for big business ranges from £1.46m – £3.14 for large businesses and £75,000 – £311,000 for small businesses.

Flint can help you protect your organisation against cyber crime. We work with your enterprise to build an effective Cyber Security process. We use our extensive experience of network security and the training skills of members of the Flint Academy to help upskill everyone in your organisation to protect against cyber attacks.

Flint offers a cyber security advisory service which gives you a clear assessment of your current level of risk and protection. We provide clear recommendations of the best strategy for improving process, culture and technologies to mitigate risk.

Following our assessment, we offer you a menu of cost effective actions that can be taken to reduce risks.

Key Services

Flint’s IT and Cyber Security Services include:

Staff Training

Staff actions such as poor password management or clicking on malicious email links or ‘phishing’ attachments are the most common causes of cyber security breaches. Expert trainers from the Flint Academy can deliver staff cyber security awareness training which is tailored to the needs of your business.

Compliance with ISO 27001 / Security Essentials

Compliance with one of the Information Security standards such as ISO 27001 or the less onerous Security Essentials is often a requirement to become a supplier to government or large organisations.

Penetration Testing

The most effective way of testing the level of vulnerability in your network infrastructure is to perform a penetration test. This involves non-disruptive/non-intrusive tests on IT systems and network from an outside source via your standard Internet connection. We can arrange various levels of penetration testing and provide you with a detailed report about vulnerabilities in your company’s network and servers, without impacting your day-to-day operation.

Cloud Security

Many companies can benefit from migrating key services to a secure cloud provider rather than making the major investment necessary to secure their own infrastructure. At Flint, we work with cloud migration experts to provide advice and guidance on your cloud migration. We can advise you on the migration process itself and show you the benefits that cloud will deliver in terms of improvements in security and functionality. We can also explain what costs will be involved.

Security Posture Improvement Services

We work with enterprises to improve their security ‘posture’ or approach. This is ideal for businesses which are undertaking a Cyber Security improvement programme and which are either aiming to achieve standards such as ISO27001, or which generally wish to improve their security posture.

Data Loss Prevention Implementation

Our Data Loss Prevention (DLP) service aims to give your business control of its sensitive information. Although DLP can be a great help in protecting against accidental loss of data, it is often unpopular with staff who don’t want any restriction of access to social media services or other sites. Flint has the knowledge, experience and industry partnerships in cyber security advisory and implementation to help protect your business against data loss, with as little impact as possible on staff.

Security Information and Event Management Implementation

A Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system can help your business to manage the flow of information and events generated by networks, servers and other nodes and software in your company’s infrastructure. At Flint, we understand that SIEM implementations need effective processes in order to be effective. We have the knowledge, experience and industry partnerships to deliver effective implementation and process improvement for SIEM.

Secure Network Design/Firewall Security

Maintaining network security is fundamental for any business. Networks change frequently as companies grow and where network equipment has to be patched and upgraded, this can cause hugely unpredictable workloads for the network department. Flint offers highly-experienced security contractors and consultants at short notice who can help you with virtually any network-related security improvements such as network design or segmentation, firewall management and intrusion detection or prevention systems.


  • One-stop cyber security consultancy
  • Flexible approach to ensure you have the cyber security policies and processes your organisation needs
  • End to end service from planning through implementation and delivery of your cyber security strategy
  • Our vendor-independence means we can tailor a solution to suit your security needs
  • Deep knowledge of network functionality

Why Use Flint Cyber Security Consultancy Service?

At Flint, we pride ourselves on our flexibility and our customers regularly comment that they keep returning to us because we are easy to do business with. We have the knowledge and expertise to support you at any stage of the planning, implementation and operation of your Cyber Security Strategy.

We are vendor-independent, which means that you can be sure that we will always propose a solution, or combination of solutions, that are the best fit for your business. As trainers, you can be assured that we are fully up-to-date with the latest developments in this fast-moving area.

We understand that, in order to be successful, a Cyber Security strategy needs to deliver three main objectives:

  • Peace of mind for directors that your business has effective measures in place to protect your Intellectual Property, important data and your overall infrastructure to avert the financial loss or public embarrassment that will occur if your business is subjected to a cyber attack.
  • Inclusion of staff  – your people will always be your first line of defence and so need to fully understand why, what and how of protecting your corporate network.
  • Fit for purpose – much of the information that flows through a business doesn’t actually need elaborate protection: over-protecting general information is expensive, hinders staff getting on with their job and frequently generate false positives in the security monitoring, masking real issues. Our Cyber Security Consultancy Service targets those areas which need the greatest protection, but ensures that security is not so onerous that it prevents people from doing their jobs.


To find out how we can help improve your resilience against cyber attacks, please contact Security Consultant Nils Solvang.

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