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Fixed and mobile networks and services for the public sector

New technologies are driving new, smarter public services. At Flint, we specialise in providing the technical expertise to deliver fixed and mobile communications, networks and teams for public sector organisations, network operators and enterprises.

Speaking at the 2015 Future of Public Services conference, Minister for Cabinet Office, Matt Hancock said, “We must build a truly 21st century state: smarter, nimbler, more responsive and more accessible. The technology exists to do it, and the public expect it. It is our duty.” With almost two decades of experience behind us, Flint has the skills and resources to deliver that technology to national government, large public organisations and local authorities.

Why Choose Flint?

We provide the specialist expertise that national and local public sector organisations need to help define the scope, requirements, timescales, costs and teamwork for communications solutions and to deliver networks. Our experts handle everything from network concept through to acceptance for projects in fixed or mobile communications, security, convergence and cloud technologies.

Flint is focused on successful outcomes, delivering the most cost effective solution, first time.

Services and solutions

  • Enterprise and WAN Communications Solutions, Fixed and Wireless,
  • Cyber Security
  • Network Migration
  • Network Planning, Design and Implementation
  • Network Test & Verification
  • Network Audits
  • Technical Training

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