January, 2019

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  • Droning on about drones

    Forgive me if I share a prejudice. ‘Just one?’ you say, ‘But Richard, we’re under the apprehension you have so many!’ Well, yes I do. Today’s prejudice is drones. Not the buzzy bee type that zip around in the summer collecting pollen. No. I’m prejudiced against the sort with little plastic rotors that whizz around […]
  • Supporting the talent of tomorrow through DofE

    A success that started in 2018, and will continue into 2019, is Flint’s involvement with Abbeywood School and its Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) scheme. Abbeywood Community School is a mixed secondary school in Stoke Gifford, South Gloucestershire. With some 1,200 students, it has strong and rich academic competencies, as well as a large portfolio of […]
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