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Hands-on Training for the Real World

Flint Labs offers practical, hands-on training in our test environment as part of our technical  specialist and technical staff development training services. Our dedicated test environment lets technical staff discover how to develop and validate tools and processes for a variety of technologies before they start working on a live network.

Key Features

Training for a wide range of current and emerging mobile technologies including:

  • HetNets (3G, 4G, Wi-Fi)
  • Virtualisation (NFV and SDN)
  • Network Orchestration
  • Linux
  • Advanced IP Networking
  • Small Cells
Hands-on practical training on installation, configuration, administration and operation of components in a ‘real life’ mobile core network including:

  • Full 3G RAN and Core Network
  • Full 4G/LTE RAN Evolved Packet Core
  • HNB-GW & Sec-GW
  • HLR / HSS
  • Diameter Signalling Routers
  • IMS
  • UEs and traffic simulators
  • IP Switching and Routing Infrastructure and labs
  • Wi-Fi and IP Network lab (including Wi-Fi Offload)
  • Test Tools and Protocol Analysers
Integration and interoperability testing of multi-vendor equipment.

Training on a wide range of protocols and bearers including:

  • Uu, Iub, Iu-PS, Iu-CS, Gr, Gn/Gp, Gx, Gi
  • LTE-Uu, S1-Uu, S1-MME, S11, S5/8, SGi
  • RADIUS and Diameter
  • 3G and 4G bearers and User Planes
Training on pre-stage, pre-test and validation tools and Methods of Procedure

Training on troubleshooting protocol and configuration issues


  • Hands-on training in a safe test environment
  • Students practice skills learned in a lab environment before working on live networks
  • Our dedicated test environment lets technical staff discover how to develop and validate tools and processes for technologies including WCDMA and LTE mobile packet cores; circuit cores and supporting infrastructure and IP networks.

Why use Flint Labs?

By using our Flint Labs as part of your team’s technical and specialist training programme, you can be sure that they are able to both learn the theory and practice the delivery of all the network skills they need.

Our trainers are industry professionals with significant experience gained by working with the world’s leading wireless and wire-line systems suppliers. We offer a real-world training lab environment which lets engineers practice the skills they have learnt.  We have helped managers in Tier-1 operators and manufacturers understand the technologies their engineers are deployed on to develop their business.

Flint offers adaptable training, working with professionals at every stage of a technology’s deployment.

To find out how training in Flint Labs could help improve the skills of your mobile network technical staff contact us today.

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