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Effective Training and Development

Flint can help you develop your team’s technical competencies with technical training materials for the key technologies and solutions that are relevant to Tier-1 manufacturers, service providers and their customers.

Key Features

  • Bespoke and generic training collateral
  • Development of materials such as specifications and manuals into engaging interactive training programmes
  • Collaborative needs analysis
  • Defined and agreed training-objectives and course design
  • High-spec slides and training hand-outs
  • Hands-on practical lab sessions
  • Designed for online or instructor-led delivery


  • Focused, rich training materials equip your engineers with deep technical understanding of technologies and solutions
  • Students learn and retain more through tailored and engaging training materials and practical lab sessions
  • Industry experience and insight ensures teams acquire a solid understanding of the technology or solution
  • Experienced trainers with a rich background in mobile data networks ensure materials are engaging, appropriate and compelling
  • Training programmes are tailored to suit your organisation
  • Our collaborative development approach makes sure you can meet your training objectives with stories that flow and positioning that stays ‘on message’.

Why use our Technical Staff Development Service?

If you need to train your engineers, partners or customers in your products and technologies, we can deliver courses that are engaging, relevant and effective. Our highly experienced, specialist trainers are consistently highly rated by students.

Our trainers are industry professionals with significant experience gained by working with the world’s leading wireless and wire-line systems suppliers. We have helped managers in Tier-1 operators and manufacturers understand the technologies their engineers are deployed on to develop their business.

Flint offers adaptable training, working with professionals at every stage of a technology’s deployment.

To find out how Flint Technical Staff Development could help up-skill your mobile networking teams contact us today.

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