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Mentored Install Service Update

Flint launches Compute and DCN Mentored Install Services to accelerate the adoption of Hyperflex and ACI. These services enable partners to implement these new technologies with support from Flint’s software Centre of Excellence.

Cisco Compute MINT Service Description

Cisco DCN ACI MINT Service Description

There are now 4 SKUs that can be ordered directly from the Cisco website including ACI/DCN (CX-MI-DCN-FLI), SDWAN (CX-MI-SD-WAN-FLI), Compute (CX-MI-COM-FLI) and DNAC (CX-MI-DNAC-FLI) on the link below:


Sandvine Partnership

Sandvine and Flint deliver enhanced Quality of Experience from actionable insight allowing you to make faster, better decisions around network investment and customer engagement

Flint Sandvine Partnership

Flint Learning Services

Flint Learning Services portfolio includes content creation, training enablement and professional services all designed to accelerate new product adoption and awareness.

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Flint India

Flint’s new offshore software capability in India brings cost effective, agile software development to our customers.

Read about our new operation focusing on automation and orchestration here: Flint India

Cisco Solutions Partner Announcement

Accelerating new product introduction for Cisco’s channel partners through the provision of Mentored Installation Services.

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