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  • Flint ranked in the 10th Annual Sunday Times HSBC International Track 200

    For the second year running, Flint has been recognised for its growth and success in overseas markets, with a placing on the Sunday Times HSBC International Track 200 list. Published on 10 February, Sunday Times HSBC honours the hard work and resulting success of UK private mid-market companies that are going about their daily business, […]
  • Flint launches entity in Kazakhstan

    Flint has worked with our key global customers over the years to understand where their business challenges lay to propose solutions designed to remove these barriers and help drive growth. One of the benefits of being Flint is that our ability to move in a quick and agile fashion isn’t constrained by the process and […]
  • St Albans meets the 4th industrial revolution

    We’re into February and here in the UK at least, the worst bit of winter. The pleasures of Christmas, friends and family are over, or worse still hanging about around our waists; while we have some of the year’s least pleasant weather and the nights still draw in early. And finally most of us have […]
  • Optimising networks with EE

    We recently spoke to Neil Dix, Senior Manager, Mobile Network Infrastructure Transformation at EE. Neil works at the Aztec West park offices in Bristol, overlooking the busy M5. He has been heavily engaged, over the last few years, in the TED (Technical Environment Decommissioning) programme and more recently the LND (Legacy Network Decommissioning) programme. With […]
  • Droning on about drones

    Forgive me if I share a prejudice. ‘Just one?’ you say, ‘But Richard, we’re under the apprehension you have so many!’ Well, yes I do. Today’s prejudice is drones. Not the buzzy bee type that zip around in the summer collecting pollen. No. I’m prejudiced against the sort with little plastic rotors that whizz around […]
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