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  • It’s a complicated world out there!

    Flint provides services designed to Reduce cost, accelerate new technology introduction and provide international scaling to our OEM and Service Provider customers. Over recent months we have seen an increasing demand for global compliance and new world skillsets that centre around mobility and virtualisation. Alan Bryant, leader for Strategic Resourcing at Flint has noted that, “Our market is […]
  • Reducing time to market & optimising margin

    Service Providers are facing a series of challenges through increased competition, demand for new services and the ever-present requirement to reduce cost. Technical expertise (both capability & capacity) is often the long pole in the tent that dictates the speed at which new services can be introduced, how cost can be controlled and how the […]
  • Evolution of the Flint Test-Plant

    Flint is in the process of making its next big investment in its Test-Plant facility. Keith Barker, Flint’s CTO, said, “We see the ongoing investment we are making in our Test-Plant as one of key our differentiators. Not only does it provide a vital training resource, allowing Flint to extend and develop the skills of […]
  • Flint expansion in the Middle East

    Neil Burbidge, Flint’s Managing Director recently returned from a short tour in the Middle East. Neil said: “We first entered the Middle East in 2014 when one of our key customers requested additional technical and project support in the region. We initially started with a legal entity in Saudi Arabia to address the complex regional […]
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