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Flint Designs IP Infrastructure For New Russian SAS

  • Flint supported Inmarsat distributor Morsviazputnik to build the IP network for a Satellite Access Station (SAS) in Russia
  • New network assures the efficient distribution of Russian mobile traffic over satellite
  • SAS included as an integral node of Inmarsat’s Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN)
  • The network was designed in a resilient manner to connect the remote Radio Access Network to the Core Network in Moscow, distribute traffic to customers at the Moscow POP and to the rest of Inmarsat BGAN network
  • Flint worked with multiple teams to ensure delivery of the project.

Flint was recommended by Inmarsat to support its Russian distributor Morsviazsputik (MSS) to design the IP network infrastructure for a new Satellite Access Station (SAS) in Russia. The SAS is used to distribute mobile voice and data traffic for calls originating and terminating in Russia.

The Challenge

Flint was asked to design the Data Communications Network for the SAS in a way that ensured that it would interface seamlessly with the Inmarsat Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN).

This meant that the network design had to comply with the design principles of the existing BGAN and Flint had to ensure that MSS could deliver ongoing operation and support using its own local resources.   

The Solution

Flint developed a design working with Ericsson, which provided the core mobile network infrastructure equipment, as well as radio and satellite specialist Cobham, which supplied the radio access network and satellite BGAN terminals. Both companies had worked with Flint in the past. Flint also worked very closely with the Inmarsat network team to ensure that the design was acceptable and would provide the scalability, resiliency, and flexibility that Inmarsat and MSS required.

As Flint’s head of Cyber Security, Nils Solvang explained, “Inmarsat wanted to make sure it had the right expertise in place to get the IP network design right first time. Flint was chosen because of our deep knowledge of Inmarsat systems and our established relationships with both Ericsson and Cobham, and because we were able to demonstrate the flexible approach that MSS needed”.

The Result

Head of Technical Department for MSS, Sergey Chuvasev, explained, “Building a dedicated Satellite Access Station for Russia as part of the Inmarsat BGAN Network was an important milestone for MSS. The Data Communication Network integrates all the nodes, carries all the traffic and protects the station from cyber-attacks. MSS needed an experienced and flexible partner to deliver a design approved by MSS, Inmarsat, Ericsson and Cobham. Flint is a trusted partner and supported MSS through a number of important decisions during the design phase.The DCN design project was delivered on time and budget and was subsequently successfully implemented by local contractors.

 “The Satellite Station is now fully operational as an integral part of the BGAN Network carrying all traffic originated and terminated  in Russia”.

Tim Selvaratnam, Director, Group Terrestrial Networks Engineering at Inmarsat added, “We have been working closely with Flint for over a decade and are impressed by their deep knowledge and professional, yet flexible ethos. When the Russia SAS project team needed a partner to collaborate closely with MSS, Ericsson, Cobham and Inmarsat to develop and document a network design to integrate the SAS subsystems, Flint was an obvious choice.

He concluded, “Flint delivered the design to our expectation on time and showed flexibility along the way.”

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