It’s a complicated world out there!

Flint provides services designed to Reduce cost, accelerate new technology introduction and provide international scaling to our OEM and Service Provider customers. Over recent months we have seen an increasing demand for global compliance and new world skillsets that centre around mobility and virtualisation.

Alan Bryant, leader for Strategic Resourcing at Flint has noted that, “Our market is very broad geographically. We have live projects in several African countries including South Africa, Sudan, Tanzania, Botswana and the Republic of Congo through the Middle East touching Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Russia and many of the European countries. The needs of each of the ICT customers in these disparate markets varies dramatically so we draw very heavily on the local expertise that we have developed and invested in over a number of years.  The outlook we have for 2019 and beyond looks like this trend will increase and the importance of our global model with local touch will grow dramatically.” Said Alan.

“Across over 500 active resource engagements we are starting to see early growth in 5G and IOT deployments as the OEMs commencing their early resourcing cycles. They are, as we know, still at the stage of deploying their in-house expertise on these exciting technologies and undertaking trials with the Service Providers.

It is my belief that 2019/2020 will see this accelerate dramatically once the proof of concept phase completes.

Where we are seeing an immediate and significant growth in requirement is NFV (Network Function Virtualisation). Associates are increasingly aware that to be relevant into 2019 and beyond a clear understanding of the abstraction layer or middleware and automation is necessary and valuable. The best Associates understand the complexities of not only the application layer but the interworking with these layers as well. Furthermore, we see these technologies coming in a plethora of flavours – VMware, RedHat, CentOS, Ubuntu etc. all of which have their specific expertise’s. This complex array of variables highlights that integration skills around these aspects for making Associates “future proof”. The days of ICT integration on bare metal hardware are starting to become sepia toned memories. It’s a complicated world out there!”

“At Flint we have training programmes in place to help Associates broaden and deepen their skills in preparation for new engagements.” And Alan noted that the best Associates are often those with a strong learning mindset ready to pick up these challenges, and indeed that’s often more valuable to the service providers than specific previous expertise. “we’re happiest sitting with clients understanding the technical problems they face as that gives us a clearer view on the competencies engineers and project managers require in the future.”

For a conversation with Alan or the team please get in touch at or +44 (0) 1923 677733.