Flint expansion in the Middle East

Neil Burbidge, Flint’s Managing Director recently returned from a short tour in the Middle East. Neil said: “We first entered the Middle East in 2014 when one of our key customers requested additional technical and project support in the region. We initially started with a legal entity in Saudi Arabia to address the complex regional challenges that European and North American vendors were facing and to help them harness the huge growth potential in a region driving rapid adoption of new technologies.”

Flint now enables its customers to provide specialised technical services across Europe Middle East Africa and Russia having successfully launched local legal entities in a number of these countries. “Having seen a significant return on the investment made in Russia we had the confidence to expand our presence in other strategic areas.  We have seen significant growth in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through both our Strategic Resourcing and Managed Services / Turnkey Projects lines of business. Often our customers have international reach and we wanted to make sure we could deliver the same high-quality solutions in Riyadh as well as Reading ensuring the Flint principle of Right first time, every-time is maintained throughout our operation.”

With hard work the Flint team have built up a team of very experienced business managers and partners under the leadership of Salahuddin Khaja who align culturally and knowledgeably within the Middle East. They have a very strong and cost-effective position. This is supported by tools and processes from our existing business in Europe to allow us to both complement one another and leverage the best practices and IP we have created over the years. This reduces the risk associated with new technology introduction and the time to market. This combination has enabled successful rapid expansion in the region.

Flint has strong and deep traction in the Middle East with entities in Saudi Arabia, UAE (Dubai) and soon to be Qatar and Kuwait, offering its customers a complete service capability across this region.

Neil said; “We’re very pleased and excited to be working with our partners and customers in the Middle East. Travelling and working in this region always gives Flint some extra energy and excitement. It also makes us realise how, as friends, we can work well across continents and that wherever we are – quality and competence matter.”

Flint is a Strategic Resourcing, Project and Service company with deep expertise in the ICT space. It has rapid scalable reach throughout Europe, the Middle East, Russia and Africa. Try us out. We try harder.  Contact Salahuddin Khaja (salahuddin.khaja@flintmail.com)  Website http://www.flint-international.com/