We love automation!

Lately I was considering that when I bought my first car, I selected the engine size, colour, transmission and sound system and then found myself stuck with the vehicles attributes regardless of my changing needs for the next 3 to 5 years. Sadly, the only way to adapt to the need for extra seats for children or a bigger boot for the dogs or a faster engine was to buy a whole new vehicle.

In the not too distant future I believe I will have the luxury of purchasing a fully configurable base platform that allows me to seamlessly upgrade the software to change the sound system, engine power, suspension attributes and adapt to my driving needs in a dynamic, agile and flexible fashion. Perhaps even the colour, who knows?

At one of Flint’s OEM customer’s events in San Jose, I was struck by the how the step change in the ease of (re) configuration, security and flexibility of coming networks will allow businesses to quickly innovate and deliver new products and services such as my Automotive example.

Application Programming Interfaces (API’s) at the heart of Automation are effectively allowing the network to react to smart programmable logic to meet business requirements in an agile and dynamic fashion enabling the network to run at a lower cost with faster set up and tear down times. This automation removes manual error and creates a more secure environment with a significantly lower risk profile.

So, a service provider is now able to implement a single platform that could be dynamically customised to cater for their ever-changing requirements. Through Automation, by opening up to the power of API’s, they can now access and deliver new services and innovation securely (and I will not have to trade in my old car for a new one in the future!).

Flint supports OEMs, Service Providers and Enterprises by providing professional services that draw on years of experience in automation, service emulation and network migration to implement software defined environments.