Innovators, keep on innovating…


Innovators and entrepreneurs start out with the kernel of a cool idea. They have a vision of how they can make a difference or differentiate. The idea resonates and customers flock to them, buoyed by their fresh thinking. Then, the innovator becomes successful and their focus changes.

All of a sudden, they have a business that needs supporting, they have customers that need servicing and before you know it, they aren’t innovating any more.

Neil Burbidge, Managing Director at Flint said, “We recognise that there is a significant role to play in supporting the growth of emerging solutions. Our focus must be on empowering innovators to continue to innovate, by providing them an outsourced service delivery capability. This works on their behalf to support the needs of their rapidly growing customer base but, importantly, allows the innovator to focus on what is core to their business – innovating.”

With the market moving as quickly as it is at the moment, and with the advent of virtualised solutions, speed to market is extremely important to ensure the early adopter, first mover market share is captured – or someone else will capture it before you. In such a market, external investment acts as the catalyst for rapid expansion.

“We are seeing a number of businesses that not only see the operational benefit from outsourcing their delivery to Flint, but they also see a significant positive impact to their balance sheet making them more attractive to external investment and providing a greater return over time,” said Neil.

Analysis of these situations shows that the building and management of an internal services organisation looks to dilute the overall margin for an innovator whose core business is focused around solution creation and selling into an early adopter market at healthy margins.

“Capturing those first deals can require practical solutions to delivery, project implementation, optimisation and support from Latvia to Lesotho and, worse still, the market is so fluid that evolutionary scaling in any one geographic domain is virtually impossible.”

“We’ve helped support early growth realisation for companies, not least allowing them to rightly focus on their core deliverable of developing great software solutions,” Neil said.

Outsourcing service delivery to an external company such as Flint has proven to allow the innovator to focus on their core business, maintain a healthy balance sheet and, in turn, continue to keep those external investors excited about the future return.

“I will continue to challenge my team to support the growth of this niche market and ensure we provide a mechanism to prevent legacy baggage building up, and moving these innovators from fulfilling the purpose they set out to achieve. Having a clear mind allows you to think more creatively and allows innovators to keep on innovating,” Neil added.

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