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Insights: Automation and Orchestration

In: Professional Services / By: Flint

The Cisco Developer Days are a two-day event bringing together service provider and enterprise network automation professionals from around the globe, sharing best practices, experiences and learning about new trends. This year Flint IT Architect Marko Zagožen joined in the fun and was invited to speak on how to simplify device management in an NSO […]

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In: Automation and Orchestration / By: Blaz Bacnik, Senior Technical Expert

Network programmability is an enabler for automation, allowing you to operate your networks more efficiently. Done right, it can lower a task’s time-to-completion to a fraction of what it was and greatly reduce the chance for human error at the same time. Flint offers consultancy on and supports customers’ automation implementation journey. Network automation has […]

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In: Automation and Orchestration / By: Jure Šumak, Software Engineer

By the end of 2020, it was estimated, that there were around 21 billion active connected devices worldwide1. To put this into perspective: the world population right now is around 7.8 billion people. That is around 2.6 devices per person that need an internet connection. We know that not everyone on this planet owns a […]

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