Contractor: Junior Software Development Consultants

Flint is looking for Junior Software Development Consultants to support our client, a global provider of database and analytics-related software, products, and services.

Summary Description:

  • Responsible for the development of new code to build standard web applications including both front end and backend components. Ability to understand existing code which needs strong ‘JAVA’ skills. Good analytic abilities with an average background understanding of Database internals, SQL grammar, data structures and OS internals.
  • Development experience in PYTHON and JAVA Script will be a plus. He / She will also be involved in fixing bugs in the existing systems to gain an understanding of the different areas. Experience in working in LUNIX style environments is highly desirable.
  • Junior Software Development consultant role includes developing and building system applications to deliver business outcomes through close collaboration with the customer and definition of business requirements, associated functional and non-function requirements and high value technology solutions. Applications will be designed and delivered from a business defined base, consuming and exploit data that is captured and managed in the Unified Data Architecture, with a focus on enabling analytics at scale and on creating customer – and industry-specific analytic applications.

Education Requirements:

  • BS degree in computer science, computer engineering or an equivalent discipline.

Development experience:

  • Experience of 1+ years in Software development with JAVA on Linux OS.
  • Strong JAVA programming skills. Knowledge of Perl/Shell Scripting desirable.
  • Working experience in Data Structures.
  • Should be comfortable with SQL (ANSI/Database specific).
  • Frontend / Backend development skills.
  • Ability to work with a Project Lead, Senior Developers.

Key Areas of Responsibility:

  • Trace existing systems bugs to develop the fix and run unit testing.
  • Develop new features/change requests.
  • Interact with offshore/onshore associates on projects/assignments.


  • Individual Contributor
  • Works with Project Lead, reports to Software Development / Engineering practice lead.

Key skills and relevant technologies include, but are not necessarily limited to:

Basic Skills

  • Linux Shell Scripting.
  • ANSI SQL programming.
  • Data Visualization basics.

Programing Skills

  • fundamental front-end languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • JavaScript frameworks such as Angular JS, React and Covalent.
  • Good with server-side languages such as Java, PHP.
  • Java framework such as Spring, Spring Boot, Spring Data Rest, RESTful API.
  • database technology such as MySQL, Oracle and MongoDB.
  • Experience with XML and JSON.
  • Good analytical abilities.
  • Very good debugging skills.
  • IDE (IntelliJ, Eclipse) etc.


  • Git, Maven, or similar tools is a must.

Soft Skills

  • Agile Learning.
  • Agile Software development.
  • Advanced problem-solving skills.
  • Creative Thinking & innovation basics


Location: Saudi Arabia and Egypt with some opportunities in Europe

Please submit your applications by December 17th 2021.

For more information and to apply contact Mark Ormsby at

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