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Flint is rapidly expanding internationally to support our customers throughout EMEAR and further afield. Currently, we have entities and sales office in the following locations. Expansion will soon include Iberian Peninsula, North Africa and France, as well as forming full entities in Italy.


Flint – UK Global HQ
Contact: Neil Burbidge (MD)
Address: BRE Building 3
  Bucknalls Lane
  WD25 9XX
  United Kingdom
Phone: +44 1923 677733
Email: contactus@flintmail.com
Website: www.flint-international.com
Supporting: UK, Scandinavia, Benelux, France, Spain and Portugal, Australasia
  And all Flint entities Worldwide
Flint – Botswana:
Contact: Neil Burbidge
Address: Flint Botswana (Proprietary) Limited
  BDO House, 28 Kgale Mews
  Gaborone International Finance Park
  PO Box 1839, Gaborone
Phone: +44 (0) 7930 385382
Email: neil.burbidge@flintmail.com
Supporting: Sub-Saharan Africa
Flint – Germany  
Contact: Alan Bryant
Address: Flint GmbH
  Lanterstr. 34c
  46539 Dinslaken
Email: alan.bryant@flintmail.com
Supporting: Germany
Flint – Ireland  
Contact: Neil Burbidge
Address: Flint Integration Services Ireland Limited
  BCC Secreterial
  Dublin Road
  Co. Meath
Phone: +353 86 814 6666
Email: neil.burbidge@flintmail.com
Supporting: Ireland
Flint – Poland  
Contact: Daniel Lupinski
Address Flint Poland Sp. z o.o.
  Equator IV
  Al. Jerozolimskie 100
  00-807 Warszawa
Phone: +48 22 4040200
Email: daniel.lupinski@flintmail.com
Supporting: Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Balkan States
Flint – Russia  
Contact: Natalia Markelova
Address: Office 10
  14 Efremov Street
  Russian Federation
Phone: +7 903 726 8317
Email: natalia.markelova@flintmail.com
Website: www.flint-international.ru
Supporting: Russia and Associated former CIS states
Flint – Middle East
Address: Flint Consulting Al Saudia Co.
  Olaya District
  Office # 203, Makateb Al Musa Building
  Riyadh, 11416
  Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Address: Flint International DWC LLC
  Business Center
  Dubai World Central
  P.O. Box
  Dubai U.A.E
Contact: Salahuddin Khaja
Phone: +966 50 862 5183
Email: salahuddin.khaja@flintmail.com
Supporting: Middle East Region
Flint – Slovenia
Contact: Borut Sepetavc
Address: Flint Slovenia
  Dolenjska cesta 242
  1000 Ljubljana
Phone: +
Email: borut.sepetavc@flintmail.com  
Supporting: Slovenia and Eastern Europe
Flint – Italy  
Contact: Roberto Fiorito
Address: Via di Val Fiorita 88
  00144 Roma
Phone: +39 335 8756795
Email: roberto.fiorito@flintmail.com
Supporting: Italy
Flint – South Africa  
Contact: Martin Camp
Address: 15 Georgian Crescent
  Johannesburg, 2021
  South Africa
Phone: +27 (0) 7641975265
Email: martin.camp@flintmail.com
Supporting: South Africa

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