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  • We love automation!

    Lately I was considering that when I bought my first car, I selected the engine size, colour, transmission and sound system and then found myself stuck with the vehicles attributes regardless of my changing needs for the next 3 to 5 years. Sadly, the only way to adapt to the need for extra seats for […]
  • Reducing time to market & optimising margin

    Service Providers are facing a series of challenges through increased competition, demand for new services and the ever-present requirement to reduce cost. Technical expertise (both capability & capacity) is often the long pole in the tent that dictates the speed at which new services can be introduced, how cost can be controlled and how the […]
  • Evolution of the Flint Test-Plant

    Flint is in the process of making its next big investment in its Test-Plant facility. Keith Barker, Flint’s CTO, said, “We see the ongoing investment we are making in our Test-Plant as one of key our differentiators. Not only does it provide a vital training resource, allowing Flint to extend and develop the skills of […]
  • Flint expansion in the Middle East

    Neil Burbidge, Flint’s Managing Director recently returned from a short tour in the Middle East. Neil said: “We first entered the Middle East in 2014 when one of our key customers requested additional technical and project support in the region. We initially started with a legal entity in Saudi Arabia to address the complex regional […]
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