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Mobile Data Delivery…with a spark of innovation

When you need specialist expertise to help define and deliver the scope, requirements, timescales, costs and teamwork for mobile networks and projects, from concept through to acceptance, we have the knowledge and resources to help.

We ensure that your projects and solutions are delivered reliably, effectively and efficiently using our extensive expertise. We have a consultative and collaborative approach to project management, which ensures shared understanding of the objectives and status of every project.

  • We provide the best and most cost effective solution first time
  • We mobilise your projects quickly and accurately, using experts who are responsible and accountable for the full project lifecycle
  • We provide full technical project management
  • Our knowledge and expertise mean we can quickly understand the scope of your project and provide accurate, on-time delivery
  • We save you time and money through our deep understanding of mobile technologies
  • We speed up delivery as our in-depth scoping process means that you are unlikely to need to make any change requests
  • We mobilise the right resources quickly and accurately

Project Services Include:


 Operating landscapes, security requirements, business needs and user demands are constantly evolving. At Flint, we understand that Service Providers need new technologies and increased capacity that are integrated through hardware, software and service migration to ensure they can meet these demands. READ MORE


A network that is well-planned and well-designed will always offer the best performance in terms of reliability, predictability and capacity, as well as the best potential for future expansion. At Flint, we understand that having a robust design, implemented according to a defined plan, is the best way to deliver optimal performance. READ MORE


At Flint, we provide optimisation services for the technologies needed to deliver solutions. Our services help ensure that your network capacity, coverage and configuration are maintained and optimised to ensure the best performance possible throughout network growth, migration and decommissioning or during the addition of new features and functions. READ MORE


It makes sense to invest in good Governance - this ensures that every project is conceived and executed according to project management methodologies that meet industry best practice. We conduct Network Audits to improve good governance, either as part of due diligence on behalf of potential asset buyers. READ MORE

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