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Assuring your High-volume Project

High-volume, complex networking projects that involve a range of local partners can be a headache for the commissioning organisation. 

Flint’s Consolidated Management offering is a highly scalable, centralised coordination service for large-scale network rollout or migration projects. The complexity and scale of network projects of this type can lead to challenges in fulfilling contractual obligations and assuring the compliance of work delivered. This, in turn, can affect whether a project is accepted – and ultimately impact how quickly a vendor gets paid.

Our Consolidated Management service focuses on the delivery of the project scope. We manage the planning and execution, scheduling, dependency management and logistical planning for complex projects that involve different partners across multiple geographic locations, ensuring that projects are delivered to brief and will achieve timely acceptance.

Flint’s Consolidated Management service provides the following services within a single service structure:

Key Features

  • Partner selection and management
  • Contract Management, including change control
  • Forecasting and Smart scheduling
  • Implementation Management
  • Access and Permit arrangements
  • H&S and QA activities
  • Logistics & materials ordering
  • Management of Financials, Governance & Reporting


  • Focuses on meeting the delivery of the project scope in order to gain timely acceptance and punctual payment
  • Ensures vendors can deliver their contractual obligations and assure compliance in the works undertaken
  • Significantly reduces the need to build capability within the client delivery functions
  • Volume pricing
  • On-site or remote migration management
  • Rigorous governance and change management mean no penalties for breaches of contract

Why use Flint Consolidated Management?

At Flint, we have the proven expertise and experience in providing the ‘glue’ between telcos and network operators, vendors and local delivery partners for large, complex projects. Our proven delivery model gives vendors consolidated management of all key elements of migration and rollout projects within a single, cohesive structure.

Please get in touch to find out how Flint’s Consolidated Management service could help make delays in project acceptance a thing of the past.

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