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Safeguarding Your Project

It makes sense to invest in good Governance – this ensures that every project is conceived and executed according to project management methodologies that meet industry best practice. We conduct Network Audits to improve good governance, either as part of due diligence on behalf of potential asset buyers.

We conduct Network Audits to improve good governance, either as part of due diligence or to assess the performance of a network as a first step in improving its performance.

Key Features

  • Defined three-stage auditing process: Discovery, Analysis and Conclusion
  • Network Audits to ensure due diligence, quality assurance or for health and safety
  • Independent, vendor-agnostic network performance audits
  • Requirements and scope verification
  • Independent project health checks


  • Independent view ensures you can secure customer approval and meet expectations
  • Ensures delivery precision across all areas of service delivery
  • Assures the quality of both project and programme management
  • Safeguards your financial investment
  • Delivers Continuous Process Improvement across the project lifecycle
  • Lets you track Project Performance against SLAs, KPIs or other benchmarks

Why use Flint Governance and Audit service?

Flint’s Governance and Audit service assures the quality and integrity of your network project, protecting valuable financial assets and giving you an accurate picture of network performance and management to enable effective planning in performance improvement.

Flint has extensive experience and access to subject-matter experts in the delivery of good governance and auditing. This means we can deliver impartial, vendor agnostic and independent due diligence audits for Network Operators worldwide.

To find out how Flint’s Governance and Audit services could ensure the future of your next network project, contact us today.

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