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Tuning Brilliant Networks

At Flint, we provide optimisation services for the technologies needed to deliver mobile solutions. Our services help ensure that your network capacity, coverage and configuration are maintained and optimised to ensure the best performance possible throughout network growth, migration or decommissioning, or during the addition of new features and functions. We offer complete end-to-end, vendor-independent network optimisation for service providers and corporate and enterprise organisations.

Key Features

  • Data collection
  • Data post-processing
  • Configuration tuning
  • Verification and validation of changes
  • Reporting


  • Optimum performance throughout periods of change or growth
  • Vendor independence
  • Ensure network capacity, coverage and configuration are maintained

Why use our Mobile Network Optimisation service?

  • To deliver the best experience for your customers with the best network performance
  • To optimise utilisation of existing network infrastructure and maximise investment
  • To identify and rectify problem areas across the network domain

At Flint, we have the track record, capability and resource to assess all sorts of network from end to end. Our expertise covers the full spectrum of radio technologies and core network elements through to application servers and content provisioning.

Flint engineers use sophisticated, bespoke tools and measurement equipment, combined with proven processes, to conduct extensive performance tests which enable us to analyse and identify network issues and work with you to resolve them.

To find out how Flint Mobile Network Optimisation could work for your project contact us today.

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