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Building Brilliant Networks

A network that is well-planned and well-designed will always offer the best performance in terms of reliability, predictability and capacity, as well as the best potential for future expansion. At Flint, we understand that having a robust design which is implemented according to a defined plan is the best way to deliver optimal performance.

At Flint, we offer an expert Network Plan, Design and Implement service to ensure that your network is ready for whatever the future brings.

Key Features

Our complete Network PDI service includes:

  • The capture and development of customer requirements
  • Diligent planning through the execution of network audits and site survey
  • Thorough exploration of the project scope and production of high level design
  • Detailed network and systems architecture and production of low level design
  • Access to the experience and expertise to install, integrate, commission, verify, migrate and decommission networks
  • Quality Assurance throughout the Network PDI project lifecycle:

– Network Audit and Site Survey
– Networks and Systems Design
– Installation Engineering
– Installation Works
– Verification and Acceptance


  • Precise planning ensures clear definition of the objectives, and acceptance criteria
  • Good design means reduced start-up times for new networks
  • Our network integration service ensures seamless connectivity for all nodes in your network, regardless of technology and in line with your plans.

Why Use Network Plan, Design and Implement?

  • Careful planning and precise execution minimise the risk of service interruptions during upgrades
  • Our vendor-neutrality means you can be sure we will choose best-in-class products and solutions as part of design process
  • We use a defined end-to-end process encompassing planning, design, deployment, verification and acceptance.

At Flint, we have the track record, capability and in-house knowledge to assess and understand all your network requirements from end to end. Our expertise covers the full spectrum of radio technologies and core network elements through to application servers and content provisioning.

Flint has extensive experience of network design and implementation projects worldwide, from planning and design through to implementation, verification and acceptance.

Flint engineers use sophisticated tools and measurement equipment, combined with proven processes, to conduct performance tests which enable us to analyse and identify network issues and work with you to resolve them.

To find out how Flint Network PDI could ensure the future your next network project, contact us today.

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