Reducing time to market & optimising margin

Service Providers are facing a series of challenges through increased competition, demand for new services and the ever-present requirement to reduce cost.

Technical expertise (both capability & capacity) is often the long pole in the tent that dictates the speed at which new services can be introduced, how cost can be controlled and how the Service Provider can differentiate from the competition.

The skills required to introduce new, emerging technologies are fundamentally different from the ones we have relied on for so many years. The focus has shifted and is now centered around mobility, virtualisation and security.

There is also a fine balance that the Service Provider now needs to make between investment in the brave new world and ongoing support for their existing infrastructure. When competitive advantage comes from new technology introduction and the existing infrastructure has paid the bills for a good number of years, deciding which to prioritise creates a dilemma.

In the case of the enterprise, this issue is often addressed by adopting a cloud consumption model for new services. However, when it is the Service Provider that is delivering these services the challenge becomes more fundamental.

Flint uniquely supports its customers from its two key lines of business, Strategic Resourcing and Managed Services, to both manage existing legacy infrastructure and launch new services. In a number of cases the customer chooses to focus on driving new business and looks to Flint to manage the existing base and provide margin optimization.

In other cases, Flint’s investment in emerging technologies has acted as a catalyst for the introduction of new services, most notably around virtualized solutions where skills are particularly difficult to develop in-house. In these instances, the vendor is able to accelerate their time to revenue and take advantage of early adopter revenue. Service Providers, similarly, are able to drive differentiation and increased ARPU through this same level of agility.

Guided by customer requirements Flint has continued to expand throughout the EMEAR region where new technology introduction demands are at their highest. Entities have been established outside of the UK & Ireland in Russia, Italy, Poland, BeNeLux, Germany, Turkey, Africa (SA, Botswana, Kenya, Zambia), Middle East (KSA, UAE) with Qatar currently being planned.

Flint has focused its workforce evolution to mirror that of the industry and the demands of our customers. Where the company has historically been successful in mobility (Evolved Packet Core, SP WiFi, RAN, MBH), IP & Optical it is now cross training the team on the virtualization of these environments and the acquisition of orchestration and NFV experience.

Flint is hiring.

With the increasing demand for both legacy and emerging technologies Flint is looking to secure top talent to become involved in both existing and future engagements.

If you are a project manager, solutions architect or engineer (RAN, Packet Core, Virtualisation & Automation) looking for a new challenge then please visit our current openings site for more details: