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Expert Teams When You Need Them

Our Managed Expert Teams (MET) service provides you with a team of experts, such as Design or Test specialists, who can be fully integrated into the project flow of large-scale network roll-out projects from day one.

Key Features

  • Specialised team designed to a NRO schedule
  • Switch on/switch off capability
  • Tailored to existing internal and external resources as required
  • Directed and led by NRO program management experts
  • Administered and line-managed by Flint


  • Reduced management overheads
  • Optimised usage of expensive, specialist resources
  • Professionals integrated and trained in your tools and processes from day one
Why Use our Managed Expert Teams (MET) Service?

Our Managed Expert Teams provides you with a ready-made team of specialists who can be fully integrated into your project from day one.

At Flint, we understand that not all projects are the same – and nor are all clients. Our MET service can help when the right expertise or the right processes are not available from within your organisation when you need them. We deliver best practice to get your project started quickly, reducing lead-times and overall cost. Flint’s MET service will enable you to deliver fast, cost-effective projects to your clients.

To find out how the Flint Managed Team Service could deliver the expertise you need, contact us today.

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