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Specialist Resourcing

Flint’s Staff Augmentation Management Service (SAMS) can be used as part of a service delivery project to enable fast-track sourcing of contracted specialists.

SAMS provides resources with an appropriate mix of suitable experience and competence on budget, wherever and for however long you need them.  Each implementation of the service is tailored to meet the challenges of an individual delivery project.

Key Features

  • Quick client engagement
  • Established process, tools and practice
  • Tailored to the delivery project being delivered
  • Fast deployment as teams arrive with roles and responsibilities already established and reporting templates in place
  • Effective project start up action plan


  • Fast start and reduced time to delivery
  • Effective reporting
  • Consolidated accurate planning
  • Tailored for each technology, location and client
  • Cost control and efficiencies from day one

Why use SAMS?

Our team can source experienced resources supported by established tools and processes, to fast-start large-scale projects cost-effectively and efficiently.

At Flint, we understand that not all projects are the same – and nor are all clients. Flint’s Staff Augmentation Management Service can help when the right expertise or the right processes are not available within your organisation when you need them. We deliver best practice to get your project started quickly, reducing lead-times and overall cost.

To find out how Flint’s SAMS can quickly deliver the skills you need contact us today.

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