Flint International

About Us


The Flint senior leadership team has decades of experience and business insight. They have grown Flint into a major service delivery organisation delivery services and expertise in the UK and Internationally by listening to the requirements of their customers and implementing innovative solutions to address their challenges. The team has a deep understanding of the telecoms, mobile and networking industries through past experience and fantastic customer relationships.


To be recognised as a provider of professional services of the highest quality in all the countries we operate in, within the Flint values of professionalism, caring, innovation.


Follow Flint’s 20-year journey.


Over the last 20 years Flint has listened intently to the needs of our customers.

As they expand across the planet they encounter regional challenges linked to compliance and regulation.

Flint has worked tirelessly to understand these challenges, invest in local legal entities and help remove the barriers to growth for our customers to ensure they are able to comply in their areas of interest.