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Our Services

Our experts ensure that your projects and solutions are delivered on time and on budget.

You can engage our specialist expertise to you help plan, design, implement, operate and staff your projects. Our expertise can even create the content and training required to launch your technology in the first place. We have the knowledge, experience and resources to help you at any stage of your project.

We know that the right specialists can make or break a project, so we’ve built our business by investing in the best people for yours.

Strategic Resourcing

Save time and money with quick access to the tools, processes, expertise and administration services you need. You can choose whether to employ or contract the skills you need by fast-tracking specialists onto your project or engaging with a ready-made and managed team of experts.

Flint’s roots as an engineering company mean that we understand your resourcing needs and automatically filter out candidates who aren’t an appropriate fit for you. With hundreds of associates deployed on customer sites and technical resourcing led by technical consultants, we have the experience to assist you plug short-term gaps or implement permanent in-house solutions.

Managed & Professional Services

Helping you to create competitive advantage, margin optimization or become an agile and flexible software-driven business. With over 20 years of experience, Flint has developed a number of fixed price service work packages to support the introduction of new technologies.

Our key areas of expertise include:

  • Mobile Networks
  • IP Switching & Routing
  • Collaboration
  • Enterprise Software
  • Service Provider Orchestration & Automation
  • Security
  • Programme Management, Migration & Optimisation

Training & Enablement

Our industry is constantly changing, but Flint can help support you and your staff through this shifting landscape.

Training can help your business and your staff increase industry awareness, quickly adopt new practices and technologies, drive scale and maximize growth and profitability.

Flint’s comprehensive portfolio of training solutions can help your staff increase product awareness and adoption; improve customer facing support; learn about new services, such as NPI, ILT, ELT, video and animation, content development & creation; or be mentored through early customer engagements.

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