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Our experts ensure that your projects and solutions are delivered on time and on budget.

You can engage our specialist expertise to you help plan, design, implement, operate and staff your projects. Our expertise can even create the content and training required to launch your technology in the first place. We have the knowledge, experience and resources to help you at any stage of your project.

We know that the right specialists can make or break a project, so we’ve built our business by investing in the best people for yours.

Strategic Resourcing

Save time and money with quick access to the tools, processes, expertise, and administration services you need. You can choose whether to employ or contract the skills you need by fast-tracking specialists onto your project or engage with a ready-made and managed team of experts.

Flint’s roots as an engineering company mean that we understand your resourcing needs and automatically filter out candidates who aren’t an appropriate fit for you. With hundreds of associates deployed on customer sites and technical resourcing led by technical consultants, we have the experience to assist you to plug short-term gaps or implement permanent in-house solutions.


For more than 20 years, Flint has been helping customers create competitive advantage, margin optimisation, and supported them on their journey to become an agile and flexible software-driven business. Our Centres of Excellence have deep knowledge and provide professional services in the following areas: Mobile (inc. MPN), Fixed, Data Centre, Enterprise Networking, Cloud, RAN Technologies, and Lifecycle Services.

Our industry experience has helped us create work packages to support the introduction of new technologies. These packages are outcome-based services where the delivery risk resides with Flint and help reduce the time it takes you to respond to a customer opportunity.

Automation & Orchestration

Automation and Orchestration allow you to operate your networks more efficiently. Our Software Centre of Excellence is ready to help your company start its automation journey or jump onto any automation or orchestration projects you might be working on.

Our services will lower a task’s time-to-completion to a fraction of what it was and significantly reduce the chance for human error at the same time. We are supporting our customers with the implementation of Cisco NSO, Cisco Crosswork, Netrounds, and Blue Planet MDSO.

Learning Services

The ICT industry is constantly changing, expecting companies and professionals to adjust and educate themselves continuously. Training helps your business and staff increase industry awareness, quickly adopt new practices and technologies, drive, scale, and maximise growth and profitability.

Flint’s training and enablement services include remote and on-site deliveries of: test drives, product training, proof of concept (POC) customer workshops, proof of value (POV) engagements, joint development, and independent advisory services. We also offer and consult on the creation of Instructor-led training, E-Learning and E-Teaching courses. Our content creation portfolio includes high-level and detailed design, conceptual content development and the production of multimedia content (videos, animation etc.).


Flint is a trusted partner of well-known global network vendors, a Cisco Solutions Partner, Sandvine partner and part of the Blue Orbit partnership programme (Blue Planet). With our experience and expertise in the mobile industry and their technology, we offer customers an all-around, stress-free integrated solution and support a quick and effective project realisation.

We also support resellers in the adoption and introduction of new technology with mentored installation services, pre-sales and post-sales training. With our assistance our clients are able to quickly respond to customer requests, take full advantage of IT-solutions, and optimise their investment.

Data Centre Consulting

Flint provides expertise to plan, design, build and manage cost-effective, scalable, energy-efficient and future ready Data Centre Facilities (DCF).

Our range of services allows IT to function reliably and seamlessly by covering all facets of Data Centre Facilities such as Architecture, Power, Cooling, Structured Cabling, Racks, Fire Protection, Automation, ELV, Physical Security and Safety.

Our range of DCF services include the following:

  • Hyperscale, Cloud and Colocation Data Centre
  • Data Centre Expansion and Migration
  • Modular/Prefab., Edge and Micro DC Solutions
  • NOC/SOC Solutions

Download our DCF Consulting Services Data Sheet for more details.

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